Empowering high school students in family crisis to pursue education without obstacles.



  • Bridges allows eligible students to live in one of our 20 one-bedroom apartments.
  • Rent is calculated on a sliding scale at 30% of income, plus utilities
  • Students may live in the apartments until they graduate high school, and can remain until they are 21 if they are in higher education

School Assistance

Our partnership with the Norman Public School system allows us to provide school supplies, tutoring, and even sports or other extracurricular supplies at no charge to the student.

Career Coaches

Career coaches are volunteers who provide career and higher education guidance to Bridges students. The coaches help students consider employment possibilities beyond the jobs traditionally available to high schoolers. They assess students’ career and college interests, and help them with practical skills training that can be invaluable for both the short and long-term future.

A career coach has the potential to positively change a student’s professional trajectory by arranging at least two job shadows and identifying businesses for student internships. To find out more about career coaching, please complete the Career Coach Application, or click here to request more information.


Mentors are caring adults who support Bridges students as they navigate through school and make important life decisions. The mentoring program pairs students and mentors based on common interests. Our network of committed community members makes us successful in recruiting people who are trained to guide without judging or parenting. Mentors commit to connecting at least once a week with students for lunch, dinner, an activity or a phone call. They also help Bridges Career Coaches coordinate job shadows for students.

Great pairings often result in mentors becoming the first people students call to show off prom dresses, report on the outcome of a school test, or celebrate a new job. Through example mentors have the ability to teach cooking, budgeting and parenting. They become trusted advisors, financial guideposts and moral compasses. If you are interested in finding out more about mentoring, please complete the Mentor Application, or click here to request for more information.


Tutors are local students, educators, and solutions-oriented community members who have an interest in helping students meet or exceed their high school education requirements. Tutors work one-on- one with students to supplement their coursework or give additional TLC where deficiencies might exist.

Tutors are open to keeping a relatively flexible, yet consistent schedule with students, and are clear about contact and homework expectations. Asking for help is not always easy, so our tutors tend to have warm dispositions that make students feel comfortable as they learn. To find out more about tutoring, please complete the Volunteer Application or click here to request more information.


Weekly meetings on topics such as leadership, networking, self-defense, and how to interview for jobs.

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