“I serve on the Bridges Board because I think every child should feel safe and valued. Every child should have basic necessities. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. I serve on the Bridges Board to make sure these core values and needs are realized.”

“My reason for serving on the Bridges board is to hopefully bring the light of joy and hope to teens who have had to live in a world full of darkness. If my participation on the board changes one teen’s view of their worthiness then I have done my job as a board member.”

“To have the opportunity to directly serve kids from my community is one that I have always been interested in, and one that I could not pass up when I heard that Bridges was looking for new Board members. For me, Bridges has tugged at my heart for several years since I first considered being a mentor, and when I hear the stories of how we are helping these kids change their lives, it makes it all worth it.”

“ALL kids deserve a chance to excel, to succeed, to have a shot at a normal childhood. The idea of contributing to an organization that gives hope, encouragement, and a healthy living environment to high school students that may not otherwise receive it, that’s my reason. It is an absolute honor to be associated with Bridges.”

“I began serving on the Bridges board 10+ years ago because I was asked. However, today I serve because I am compelled by the amazing life-changing stories of our students and the unyielding dedication of the staff that serves this organization. Outside of raising my own daughters, I believe my affiliation with Bridges is the most humbling yet rewarding endeavor I have undertaken.”

“Someone asked me if Bridges was a homeless shelter for teens. It made me think about all of the services and support that the staff and my fellow board members provide these young adults. Yes, Bridges helps teens in need of shelter, but it is so much more. The organization offers life skill trainings, assistance with counseling, and even helps drive them when they need rides. I believe education is the fundamental building block for an enjoyable, productive life. Every child should have the opportunity to get an education and hopefully better their situation.”

“As a native Normanite I support all of the non-profit agencies in our area, but there is nothing more important to me than to see the students at Bridges have a safe place to live free from abuse and neglect and can continue their high school education. I am fortunate to be a part of a team that helps these students overcome challenges not faced by their peers and where they will learn the necessary life skills that will carry them into higher education and adulthood.”

“I am very fortunate that my ‘day job’ allows me to make a positive impact on people living in our state every day on a systemic level. Serving on the board of Bridges provides me those same impacts closer to home with youth in Norman. I get to see the faces of these incredible young people and know we are making a difference in their lives.”

“In a successful society, members must contribute, be accountable for their actions, and responsible with their resources. What we often forget is these traits are taught to us and developed from childhood. Bridges steps in to provide the foundation on which its students can build a successful life. Bridges isn’t about coddling; it is about empowering. Bridges says, “Life has been tough, but here are some skills so you can rise above it and we will be here to cheer you on.”

“The work that Bridges does-helping high school students with a place to live and people who watch out for them-literally changes lives. These students who have nowhere else to turn are welcomed and given opportunity to not only graduate high school, but to learn life skills and get career coaching and mentoring. I serve on the Bridges Board because of the better future that they offer students in Norman.”